Rome wasn’t built in a day, but these days it seems we all want to do just that or better – how about building it in a minute? Like Mister Maker. Ambition is good but every now and then, I see the need to calm down, assess the situation and push some things out into […]

Back to base. School’s starting soon. The kids miss their cousins already. One can actually have a wonderful holiday even without traveling to an exotic location.  After our getaway, my husband and I joined the kids at my sister’s home. They had fun bonding and playing with their cousins and I particularly enjoyed waking up […]

One can easily be tempted to keep working, keep saving, keep investing, keep spending money on the basic necessities of life and never allocate any time or money to rest, to relax and to enjoy one’s life. But it’s necessary to take a break. Breathe in and breathe out. Stop and smell the roses. Have […]

It’s so important to ensure that you rest. Sometimes things just come up and you find yourself going from one task to the other, one meeting to the next, driven by whatever drives you. Then before you know it, you realize the weekend – or whatever time you were meant to use for rest and […]

What happens to drivers who are in too much of a hurry to stop and refuel their vehicles? How about cyclers who are bent on getting to the finish line first so they refuse to slow down to collect vital supplies along the way? Ever imagined what the outcome would be if someone wanted to […]

I am finally on vacation and I’m having a blast. From waking up after sunrise, rather than before, to having enough time to relax in a tub of hot water spiced with Lippia Citriodora flower extract, to following the most captivating aroma in the air to the restaurant it’s coming from and then enjoying the […]