Rome wasn’t built in a day, but these days it seems we all want to do just that or better – how about building it in a minute? Like Mister Maker. Ambition is good but every now and then, I see the need to calm down, assess the situation and push some things out into […]

I just watched a video of a young and extremely talented doctor/singer who passed away after an accident. I’m thinking – he was all that yet his life came to an end after it took a turn for even greater heights. What happens to dreams, desires, and ambitions when a life comes to an end? […]

Have you ever heard about your counterpart in another company earning so much more than you do? Have you ever had your salary slashed because your employer happened upon hard times and decided that this was the best way to keep his Company afloat, while still demanding as much work output from you? Have you […]

My daughter is at that phase where she doesn’t pay attention long enough. She easily gets distracted with information in a nearby print out, a Barbie doll, a thought that comes to her mind, or something else. This new trait shows up particularly during homework and it can be very upsetting because in our ever […]

The carpenter arrived with the pieces that were to be put together to make the beds. Nathan perceived the recently coated wood from an adjoining room and blurted out, ‘what’s that awful smell?’ I immediately thought ‘o oh… where are they going to sleep this night?’ He followed the scent to his room where he […]

This weekend something interesting happened. We were at a hotel in Eket and for the fun of it, my husband was assessing them. From how quickly we were checked in, to how polite the staff were, to the speed with which they prepared the food we ordered, to the presentation and taste of the food […]

I remember my days on Campus. It was like being in a free world to some extent. There weren’t any serious rules to abide by so you could almost say we were free to do whatever we wanted. People buried themselves in diverse passions they only then had the liberty to – parties, business, music, […]

If I were asked to talk about my childhood, I could either go off on whatever tangent I liked talking from ‘sense to nonsense’ – according to my husband – or I could ask the person to define the scope to enable me give a response that’s relevant to the audience. Scope definition is quite important. […]