I just watched a video of a young and extremely talented doctor/singer who passed away after an accident. I’m thinking – he was all that yet his life came to an end after it took a turn for even greater heights. What happens to dreams, desires, and ambitions when a life comes to an end? […]

Are you one of those who hardly ever have a problem? Consider yourself fortunate, lucky, blessed. Sometimes we coast for seasons without stress but every now and then, just as examinations are required to test our knowledge and competence, and to determine our qualification for transition to higher levels in our endeavours, life throws us […]

If I were asked to talk about my childhood, I could either go off on whatever tangent I liked talking from ‘sense to nonsense’ – according to my husband – or I could ask the person to define the scope to enable me give a response that’s relevant to the audience. Scope definition is quite important. […]

It was my final year in University – 500 Level, as we called it. Ideally, that would have meant that it was my fifth year but we had been plagued with a few strikes which resulted in our spending an additional year and a few months on the course. There was this course on engineering […]