Without warning, everything changed for Daniel, his cousins and friends. They were young; they had their whole future ahead of them and they often dreamed of occupying positions of influence and making a mark when their time came. This was a natural expectation for him and the other descendants of King Hezekiah. But without warning, […]

Nathan is an interesting boy. You can’t quite take fun out of his routine. A few weeks back, he had a lot of homework to do and the plan was to spread it over the weekend. His dad however told him he had to work before playing. Assuming this meant ‘NO GAME UNTIL HOMEWORK IS DONE’, he […]

Driving through Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria, one may be quick to say there’s no land left because there are structures everywhere. At least that’s how it seems from ground level. But when you fly over Lekki, you’ll actually discover there’s a lot of undeveloped land available for people who are ready to pay the price […]

It was my final year in University – 500 Level, as we called it. Ideally, that would have meant that it was my fifth year but we had been plagued with a few strikes which resulted in our spending an additional year and a few months on the course. There was this course on engineering […]

The average person hates challenges, problems or difficulties of any kind. Most people just want to coast through each day and possibly through life as a whole. It seems that life would be more enjoyable if there were no challenges. Well, I have a different perspective. Take all the challenges away and we would be […]