My son came back into the house with a sad look on his face. The chain of his bicycle had come off and he came to get help. He’s not yet outgrown the idea that his dad and I can fix everything and since I was the “engineer” on duty, I had to fix his […]

He worked in Akure at that time. I had just completed my second degree and was living with my family in Abuja. We planned to get married and settle in Akure. He had found an apartment for rent at a rate we could afford and located in an area with easy access to public transportation. […]

Tomorrow Is Another Day When I said ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ this time, I didn’t quite feel the usual excitement. There were a few time consuming offsite activities planned for Saturday and some other things to sort out at home so the prospect of having a restful weekend was slim. If you’re one of those […]

All over the world today, people celebrate the power of a well calculated and targeted investment. Who said God doesn’t understand business? Isn’t it sheer genius that a one time investment made over two thousand years ago is still yielding returns today? I can only imagine the terms of that contract. One man was despised and […]

My daughter is crazy about long hair. She has this really interesting hair texture that doesn’t quite do well with weaves. I usually say the strands cry out from the locks ‘let me out, let me out, I want to be free’. Long story short, her hair gets untidy very quickly. Our strategy for a […]

I fell ill. Wow! This usually doesn’t happen to me, but it did. The height of it was the moment I fell to the ground while trying to get from the hospital bed to the restroom which was only about 10 feet away. Someone helped me back to the bed and a nurse assisted me […]

I remember my days on Campus. It was like being in a free world to some extent. There weren’t any serious rules to abide by so you could almost say we were free to do whatever we wanted. People buried themselves in diverse passions they only then had the liberty to – parties, business, music, […]