Things change – the weather, legislation, the economy, oil price, your body’s metabolism, and so on. Change is a constant in life, so expect it and prepare for it. A mentor of mine often said ‘Hope for the best but prepare for the worst’. This way if things don’t turn out the way you want, […]

Tick Tock. The old year’s gone. Sweet and Sour – Many battles but so many victories won. A new year in view…. Only one question I have for you: WHAT DO YOU SEE? See with your mind and your heart. Imagine, conceive, think. This vision goes beyond the natural. It’s not about doors, chairs,  roads, […]

This seemed like a heartfelt cry and I wondered. I couldn’t make out what the problem was so I asked. Why are you crying?  No response. What’s wrong? No response. Did you fall down? ‘No Mummy’… she replied through the tears that streamed down her face. So why are you crying? And she cried even […]

JUST PRESS ON! Tired, weary, drained…. PRESS ON Battered, shattered, tattered… PRESS ON Broken, bruised, torn apart… PRESS ON Used, abused, now confused… PRESS ON   Press on?  Press on to what?!!!  To what??….. (Silence… then a sigh)   PRESS ON to a brighter day when the rays of the sun will break through those […]

I AM BOLD AS A LION! This is one statement I turn over in my mind just before I go up to sing, especially when the nerves feel almost overwhelming. It’s amazing how certain important feats seem to require so much boldness; I guess that’s because some of them are a big risk. Risk cannot […]

October 1, 2017 was quite a day to remember. Starting from the Independence Thanksgiving Service at the City of David, Eket to The Worship Experience (TWE), which held later in the day. It was a day filled with thanksgiving, prayers, praise and worship. By the way, Happy New Quarter. Have you heard that one before? […]

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with one’s name being great! Sometimes in the name of humility, we keep ourselves from aspiring to achieve great things and thus limit ourselves, fail to reach our highest potential and deprive ourselves and the world of the benefits that would have come as a result of us reaching our peak. […]

Yes. Today is the day! September 10, 2017. Ignition Point 6. It’s the sixth edition of an initiative by A. Moses. We’ve rehearsed, we’ve prayed, and now we go believing that God will fill the atmosphere with His presence as we minister. We expect the manifest presence of God and with that, we know the […]