Husband material – 1

One beautiful evening, I sat by my window and discussed with all the people who came to see me. It was my birthday and as expected, I had several guests. I was able to receive my female friends inside my room in the hostel but guys weren’t allowed in because of the religious beliefs in that part of the country. As a result, a young lady sitting at the corner of the room and talking to someone on the other side of the window wasn’t a strange sight at all.

I hoped a few people would come by. In fact, I hoped three people in particular would come by before the day ended. Thankfully, they all did and one of them was a young man named Kingsley. He was a good friend and we had really interesting conversations. He had the usual very wide smile on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes that night. We chatted for a while then he said he had to rush off and just wanted to deliver a gift someone asked him to give me.

I wished he could stay a little longer but I didn’t have the ‘right’ to ask him to. I mean, we were just friends and I didn’t want to say anything that would give away the way I really felt about him. I was determined to let him be the one to take the lead in this matter. Once he was gone, I settled down to open the gift and found that there were several layers of wrapping paper with a hand written note after each layer. I wondered who the gift was from and eventually a letter ‘y’ on the fifth note gave him away. It was from Kingsley after all; he had tried to change his writing to keep me in suspense till I got to the last note.

Beneath the last wrap, I found a final note and a devotional for women. It was old. I wondered about that and he later explained that although he was broke, he really wanted to get me a gift. So he went to a bookstore in town and bought the book for a price he could afford. Though it wasn’t expensive, he had succeeded in turning it into an unforgettable gift and I thought to myself – this is someone you could live happily with in times when you have plenty and in times when you don’t have so much. Husband material!

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  1. Yes indeed only if our young ladies would stop looking at the superficial and rather look for character so they could enjoy long lasting marriage relationships.

  2. Lol window things back in university, thanks Anietie for reminding us of those fond memories that lead us to our husbands.

  3. Wonderful. Nothing is as powerful as a message “lived through”. Keep writing keep impacting.

    Thanks for sharing. University and window things… fond memories.

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