Address it

My Sunday evening took a different turn recently. I had to be at an event on short notice so I didn’t have the luxury of just relaxing in my controlled environment as usual. I hoped to find some kind of calm at the venue but was rudely shocked by the loudness of everything… from the soundcheck to the supposed ‘background’ music which was loud enough to make you have to raise your voice to be heard by your neighbour.

I had two choices: sit there and complain about how insensitive the sound engineers were to the plight of the guests or go to them and ask them to make the necessary adjustments for our comfort.

You guessed right; I walked right up to the person who seemed to be in charge and had a polite chat with him after which he turned down the volume to a more bearable level – still not ideal, but at least, it was bearable. Let’s just say we reached a compromise.

I’ve learned from experiences like this to speak up. It doesn’t make any sense to keep quiet while the hair dresser does something other than what you had in mind, then go home sulking and spend the rest of the week explaining the bad hairdo to your friends. The annoying part is this: if you eventually go back to that salon and say you need to have the hair remade, they’ll ask you to pay a fresh fee because as far as they are concerned, you’re just a customer who didn’t quite know what you wanted, so you’re the problem… not them.

Don’t complain about what you have the power to address. Do what you can to make the change. 

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