The Candle

Months ago, the technician who services the big generator could not be reached and we didn’t want uncertified hands tampering with it. The inverter seemed to be charging but once there was a power failure, it went off. The engineer eventually said two of the batteries were very bad and needed to be replaced. Then the following day, the small generator, not wanting to be left out, and feeling justified after almost two years of hard labor, decided it too deserved to go on strike. So in addition to the Power Company, our fallback plans A, B and C failed. Unfortunately, we never anticipated that these three would all fail within a 48-hour period and as a result, we didn’t have a plan D.  So, what now?…

‘….nooooo. Not the candle’, I thought to myself. ‘Candles and their notorious reputation…’ My mind was flooded for a moment with memories gathered from various sources; tragedies that could have been avoided if candles were not used in the first place. It was getting  dark already, and even if we bought a rechargeable lamp at the moment, there would be no way to charge it. So, I made a mental note of instructions to issue to the members of my household regarding the safe use of candles for this one night. Shortly after the safety brief, the candles were lit and placed in safe spots around the house.

I was getting ready for the next day when my little inquisitive bundle walked into the room. She came as usual to announce that bath time was over and she was almost ready for bed. Then she saw the lit candle and walked towards it… I stood close, arched in readiness to stop her from getting hurt, but allowed her the liberty to explore. ‘Wow’, she exclaimed. She stared wide eyed at the candle and the little flame at the tip. She even leaned towards it as if she had plans to kiss it. I restrained her. After a while, she left the room with her nanny and returned minutes later with her dad.

With daddy around, she became a bit more daring, reaching out her hand again and again in attempts to touch the flame. She paid no attention to my warnings. Her father stood next to her, observing… then all of a sudden, she yanked the candle from the stand. He immediately took it from her, but not before a few drops of wax said hello to her tiny finger. She began to cry and ran to me for comfort. While providing it, I said “Children. They never listen. They want to try everything even when you warn them against some things…” and just then it occurred to me… we all behave like children at some point. God gives us all these guidelines and instructions for life in His Word and we wonder why or why not? what could possibly go wrong? Everybody’s doing it…. why should I be different? I mean, why miss out on these really exciting stuff?… and so on.

… well, sure enough, she kept a safe distance from every lit candle till she went to bed. Wise girl!

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