Look up!

It was my final year in University – 500 Level, as we called it. Ideally, that would have meant that it was my fifth year but we had been plagued with a few strikes which resulted in our spending an additional year and a few months on the course. There was this course on engineering design; I can’t quite recall the title but it was interesting and relatively easy to understand.

At the end of one of the lectures, we were given an assignment which was to be turned in a month from that date. As is often the case, most of us waited until the fourth week to start work. There were two ways to solve the problem. I chose one and worked until I got to a dead end. There was no next move, no way to arrive at the answer. Unfortunately, by the time I realized I was stuck, we had less than an hour to the deadline and everyone else was trying to complete their work so I couldn’t pick anyone’s brain at that time.

I knew if I handed my work in at that point, I would get a low score which would badly impact my result. I was distraught and in my state of despair, I took my work and set out for the lecturer’s office, tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t figure out what to do… but as I crossed the bridge that led to his office, I felt a gentle breeze and these words settled in my mind so clearly – ‘this too shall pass’. It was like a rainbow in dark clouds… even more, it was like sunrise. It put an end to my despair, lit a fire of hope inside me and became a bridge in itself for me to transition from a place of fear to a place of faith. Then I knew what to do and had the confidence of a rascal that it would work. I burst out laughing, all by myself. I laughed all the way to the lecturer’s office and through my laughter, explained my plight to him. He asked how he could help. I asked for the weekend. This was Friday afternoon. I told him I would submit it first thing on Monday, and he agreed!

Long story short, I completed my assignment using the second method and handed it in on Monday morning, and I eventually got the grade I wanted in that course.

Sometimes what we need to tackle our challenges is a change of perspective – to break free from fear induced confusion and blindness, and to see through the eyes of faith. Fear keeps us bowed down and focused on the problem while faith shows us the desired outcome and the way to get there. It’s like having an aerial view of the maze.

Faith keeps speaking. Listen to what it says – It’s not over, you’re not finished. This isn’t the end for you… look up!

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  1. Really inspiring. At those times that it seems we are facing a brick wall there is always a way through … Somehow. Indeed God makes a way where there seemed to be no way.

  2. This story of faith in what God could do when you truly look up to Him seems like yesterday.I was involved and i could feel the magnitude of the stress.
    God is still very faithful.

  3. Truly inspired by an inspired writer of an inspiring piece of article only made possible by the inspiration from God above. You must have looked up to God gor this message and that further buttress the fact that “Up is where we should look towards”.

  4. Very well put Anietie & very inspirational! Banish fear, have faith and deal with challenges with the right perspective 🙂

  5. Reminds me of the bridges over so many troubled waters. I tell myself dt a lot: ‘This too shall pass’. Truly inspiring, more grace!

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