Milking mountains!

What would you do with an entire country of sand? What would you make out of life if you had very little rainfall – so little that most of your landscape is a desert? Well, the possibilities are endless as I have come to discover from my recent visit to Arabia, but I would like to zoom in on one – Desert Safari. 

It was quite an interesting experience. I thought we would be the only ones but there were two other couples in the Toyota Land Cruiser. Forty minutes’ drive from Dubai and we were at the portion of the desert where one could get quite a thrill on sand dunes. I like to think of it as surfing on sand or ‘sand surfing’. There were at least fifty of these vehicles doing some cool stunts that you wouldn’t have imagined possible on the sand and I couldn’t help but appreciate the application of the knowledge they had acquired from the study of their environment.

What may have been considered a challenge or setback had been turned into an income generating venture and tourists from far and near pay a good fee to have a feel of life in the desert. From absolutely crazy dune driving to just a cruise through the desert, to a brief ride on a camel’s back, a feel of the desert sand, a beautiful sunset, then dinner in typical Arabian style and finally the belly dance – simply amazing.

Now I think about the ‘mountains’ in my life that are here to stay… you know, those ones that come with the terrain, and can’t go away…. I won’t let them stop me…. No, I won’t keep using them as excuses. Instead, like those Arabians, I will study them, understand them and come up with strategies to use them to my advantage. I am going to milk my mountains! How about you?


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    1. Aww. I actually responded to that comment but I guess something went wrong somewhere. It was the first really detailed comment on my blog and I really appreciated your taking time to share your perspective on the subject. Thanks a lot. I wish my response was better timed though. Next time, it’ll be. Thanks again.

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