Created to create

Today, Nathan saw an ear plug for the first time. He said, ‘mummy, if you eat this what will it taste like’? I said ‘it’s not a sweet’. He said, ‘will it be tasty and yummy and very very nice?’ I said, ‘it’s not a sweet, it’s for your ears’ and I went on to explain how it works, but the scope of its usage in my explanation was limited to ear protection from loud sounds e.g. noisy engines.

After usImageing it for a few minutes and giving it a little thought, he said, ‘ahh, I’m going to take it home so I can use it every time Micah cries’. I was a bit surprised. Micah cries every now and then but I didn’t realize it bothered Nathan to the point where he was in search of a solution to the disturbance…

But come to think of it, this is exactly how our minds and brains are designed to function. Consider a problem long enough and they go to work, searching for a solution. And if the search reveals that a solution doesn’t exist, they can go into creative mode.

Unfortunately, most of us are content with working with things that already exist, things that have been created by others and we often fail to venture into new realms in our minds, to be mentally productive. The air conditioner, the pump, the automobile, the airplane… are all products of people’s creative efforts.

Without doubt, we were created to create. You have it in you. Reach within. It’s in your design. In your field of endeavor, your area of specialty, the place of your gifting… reach within and find what you can invent or improve upon. Discover what you can contribute to make the world a better place. It’s in you!

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  1. Great instinct. Yeahh, the great stuff comes from d little stuffs we see every day and neglect. Fear must die!!! We must have Faith and live(invent) @fear factor.

  2. I find your blogs very inspiring and this one was too. Many times, what prevents us from being creative is the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. Children are so innocent that they do not have those fears – and I’m sure we were like that when we were kids. But as we grew up and faced the reality of life, our perspective changed. We should always bear in mind that the creative ability in God rests in us, and we can do, create, birth, whatever we set our hearts to

  3. Coz,I love your stories basically because they are not only short and easy-to-read but jam packed with a lot of goodies that are inspired by your family,things around you,etc. Two thumbs up!

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