Hear it, think it… do it!

I assume that most people know that their words are powerful and that what you say goes a long way in determining how your life turns out. This is one of the reasons why positive declarations and statements are very important. People with positive attitudes speak positively and often realize positive outcomes which further strengthen their attitude, and the cycle goes on. I read something recently that further drove home the significance and the power of words. It was about Joshua.

When Joshua was to take over from Moses, God instructed Moses to charge Joshua, encourage him, and strengthen him.  Then God also spoke to Joshua and gave him instructions. That was it! The difference between the Joshua who was Moses’ assistant and the Joshua who led the people into their inheritance was WORDS! A charge, an encouragement… it sounded a bit like this:

Get going. Do it. Achieve the goal. It’s yours already, every bit of it. You’re unstoppable. I’ve got your back. I won’t leave you. Be strong, be bold. You are going to achieve this goal. Give it everything you’ve got. Make sure you stick to the plan, follow the script. Don’t be distracted, stay on track. It may get tough sometimes but don’t be discouraged….

It’s clear to me that the words we hear condition our mentality and bring us to a place of ability and confidence ultimately yielding positive results, or to a place of inability and timidity, ultimately resulting in under-performance, defeat and failure.

More than ever before, I realize that we all must feed our minds with good stuff and stay away from negativity, and we also have to watch what we say to others, to ensure our words don’t limit them. Finally, rather than sit around and wallow in self pity when people speak badly to us, we should do ourselves a favor and speak positively to ourselves… and create the atmosphere for successful living.

Whatever you want to achieve or become, if you don’t think you can do it, you probably won’t do it. Use the power of words to create an enabling environment, mentally and otherwise, for it to become a reality.

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  1. True words spoken here. Pity breeds more pity and the viscious cycle does not just continue but grows wider at the perimeter.
    The power of positive thinking does indeed attract positive forces…this is the exception to the law of physics…praise God! 😀

  2. Very true Annie!
    Words can either make or mar us.
    But above everything,its important what you say to YOU!!!

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